Saturday, February 14, 2015

Whats the roles and responsibilities of Cloud Solutions Architect?

What is Cloud Solution Architect?

Cloud Solution Architect(CSA) is a new role surfaced recently(Post Cloud Era) and primarily focused on Cloud infrastructure and application development rather than On-premise Infrastructure.

The business landscape is continuously changing, becoming more agile, want to try new business ideas, venture into new domains, try new technologies all of these with less resource and investments. The traditional Software development model, environment, infrastructure will not suit for the new generation of business.

Cloud has emerged as the new development and delivery platform with lot of promises to everyone. Start-ups look at cloud as the door opener to evaluate their business ideas and take it to the market without any IT capitalization on the other hand large businesses see cloud as the converter of capex to opex.

Developers have now become "DevOps", for those of you who is new to this term, i recommend you to spend couple of moments by reading this article to understand it. If you don't have the patience to read the entire article, basically it combines the job of "Developer" + "Sys Admins/Operations"  and hence the name "DevOps".

Cloud solution architects 

CSAs primary responsibility is to ensure customer success with the cloud capabilities. CSAs must understand the current business problem or understand the future vision and help the customer to achieve the same utilizing the power of cloud.

Cloud encompasses lots of different services and virtualizes almost all the traditional infrastructure
into programmable software appliances. CSAs should understand the business motto of the requirement, understand the cost implications, understand the scalability and performance requirements, understand the security and compliance need and do a detailed research and  analyze the suitable cloud model such as IaaS/PaaS/SaaS available as well as evaluate the various cloud providers out there and put together a well architecture solution that meets the business requirement.

Through out the course of the architecture, the CSAs have to play the crucial role of customer advocate and interface with variety of technical experts such as DevOps, Architects, Network experts, vendors, providers to arrive at the optimal solution. CSAs must wear different hats at times.

Required Skills

Cloud Architects are basically Technologist and have deep understanding and working experience in various technologies, platforms and different domains. CSAs must have advanced IT skills and especially
  • Compute
  • Network
  • Storage
  • Caching
  • Data Analysis
  • Security etc
along with the above IT skills, CSAs are also expected to have other skills like Communication, Creativity, Decision Making, Innovation, Architecture, Problem Solving, Software Knowledge, Testing, Teamwork.

Note: CSAs are expected to have both breadth and depth on all technologies and awareness to all the emerging techniques and solutions.

Being Neutral

Cloud solutions architects must be neutral towards technologies, products, cloud provider, vendor etc, because having soft corner, partiality, liking towards a particular cloud or technology can lead to improper solutions. As a CSA, being agnostic will help in putting together a best optimal solution that best meet the needs of the customer.


Certifications can help the Cloud architects to gain significant knowledge on various cloud technologies and offerings and similarly gain confidence from the customer point of view. Below are the list of  various public cloud providers

Google cloud platform certification 
Azure certifications 
Amazon Web Services

click here to read the complete list of cloud computing certifications for your reference.


To summarize CSAs are in great need in order to fill the gap of converting the ideas, needs, requirements into business solutions, products, services that people and business can get benefits from. This role requires lot of IT expertise especially around the IT infrastructure, SOA, Web Architectures as well as be abreast with the various cloud providers and their technologies. On the whole, Cloud architect role is very crucial and fun role to play and grow.

Happy Cloud Architecting!