Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Microsoft Azure vs Amazon Web Services(AWS) Service & Features Mapping

If you are a Cloud Architect, Developer, IT Manager, Director or whoever may be, if you are associated with Azure or AWS cloud in some form, I’m sure you must have come across a common question.  

“What is the alternate service available in Azure or AWS vice versa and it’s pricing?” I’m sure you will say yes!

Agreed, it’s hard to remember all the services offered by public clouds, i.e. Azure and AWS. Remembering existing services and their benefits itself is a big task, on top of that updating ourselves with the new feature releases and enhancements is another major task.

So I put together a Service & Feature Mappings between Microsoft Azure & AWS for my and colleagues quick reference.

I hope you also find this piece informative.

Feel free to comment or debate!

Note: Technology becomes obsolete before they get publicly available and cloud alone is not exempted from this, hence the complete material is time bound and request you to also check the respective cloud providers website for the current updates.