Thursday, April 14, 2016

Chennai Azure Global Bootcamp 2016 – By Chennai Azure User Group

Azure Global Bootcamp, as the name suggests a global event organized by community all around the globe at various places. If you got few minutes to learn the history of this event I recommend you to head over to The motto of the event is to bootstrap developers, IT Pros to get into Azure cloud and learn the various services offered by Microsoft Azure. The event happens in various cities and this year I grabbed the opportunity to host and present a session on Azure Data lake analytics and Data store topic.

Chennai compared to rest of the cities in India is kind of offbeat when it comes to Technical events and communities, but it doesn’t mean that Chennaiites are not enthusiastic towards technology or programming, but it’s less compared to other cities of India.

The Azure Bootcamp has been conducted in Chennai ever since the event was started in the year 2013, but for various reasons its been conducted at universities and colleges mainly because of overhead involved in arranging venues, food and other expenses involved in conducting such an community event where there is no source of fund!

Conventionally for the year 2016, I took it as a challenge and wanted to conduct the event mainly targeting the IT community rather than student community, its not that we don’t want students to participate, but the content demanded more of IT Professionals rather than students. However we have got reservations from students from various universities and colleges to participate and learn Azure.

For the 2016 Chennai edition we have received more than 1000+ registrations because of the good work put into marketing this event and reaching out to all my connects through various social media platforms. I wanted to make it as a larger event with multiple tracks under different topics to cater the various kinds of audiences including developers, IT Pros, Big Data enthusiasts, Architects and mid-level managers.

As it is a full day event with multiple sessions with such a crowd, I wanted a larger venue that can accommodate such a size, but unfortunately hiring an auditorium to host such a larger event is outside of our budget. So i reached out to many IT & ITES services partners in around Chennai especially around the IT Express Highway where the majority of the IT communities exist. Many It partners came forward, but unfortunately some of them has a smaller venue or away from the potential location we were looking forward.

Atlast, GAVS Technologies, a leading IT & ITes provider located at Sholinganallur, OMR Chennai sponsored us the venue, food and other key assistance for us to host the bootcamp at their premise. Similarly audio/video, mic and speakers arrangments were sponsored by 8KMiles, my current employer, thanks to my boss Mr.Harish Ganesh who is the CTO of the company.

Getting speakers for a community events like this is always challenging, however with the help of   Chennai Microsoft user group and the right connects with the community people helped me to find experts in various areas to offer a session in the azure bootcamp!

We are very excited to conduct and host the session and looking forward to see there!