Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Azure App Services : Chennai Azure User Group Meetup (May - 2016)

Microsoft launched Azure App Services during Microsoft Build 2015. Azure App Services is essentially a combination of 4 different but unique offerings which includes Web Apps + Mobile Apps + API Apps + Logic Apps. Logic Apps was a brand new launch, but the rest of the services were existed earlier as individual offerings such as Azure Websites and Azure Mobile Services.

The re-branding and grouping activity was very much logical as all the services compliment each other very well. Developers who were using Azure websites and WebAPIs got lot of questions behind the consolidation and wanted to understand the newer capabilities that Azure Web app plans brings to the table.

Based on the meetup members request, i hosted an exclusive meetup to address some of the common questions around Azure App Services and the best practices to be followed while using Azure App Services.

  1. Understanding Azure App Services
  2. Introduction to Web Apps + Mobile Apps + API Apps + Logic Apps
  3. Similarities & Differences between Web Apps + Mobile Apps + API Apps 
  4. Understanding App Services Plans and its pricing
  5. Understanding App Service Environments
  6. Best Practices for suing App Service Plans

Note: The topic of the next Chennai Azure User Group is going to be on Virtual Network, so join and learn Azure!